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Natural tanning

Is being leather enough?
A few words about natural tanning

Tanning is the conversion of animal skin into leather, a process developed by humans from their earliest history.
Tanning hide into leather was a lengthy process which took time and effort.

Before the industrial revolution natural tanning agents were used like cedar oil, oak tree bark or aluminum. The process evolved through the use of large rotating vats of increasing concentrations of tannin.

By the end of the 19th century chemical compounds containing chromium are widely used for tanning more efficiently. Subsequent to the application of the chromium agent, the hide is treated with sodium bicarbonate or immersed in chromium sulphate.

Chrome tanning is faster than vegetable tanning and therefore costs less, looks polished, weighs less and lasts longer, not without its disadvantages however. The leather can no longer breathe can cause allergies and other chronic conditions.

For our CORFOOT we choose back to the future: we only use leathers which have been naturally tanned with vegetable dyes and use contemporary designs with a practical and modern conceptualization.

Minute imperfections or slight undetectable colour variations are proof of our choice in quality. Our modern and happy CORFOOT are safe and good for your little one’s health. When wearing them little feet move and breathe freely, almost as if barefoot.