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When they start walking is it ok for them to still wear their CORFOOT?

It is in fact ideal because on the one had their feet gain maximum stability while feeling as if barefoot. They feel entirely comfortable while being protected from germs and other hazards in their environment.

My daughter loves unicorns. Could she have a pair of CORFOOT with a unicorn?

But of course! Just send us a photo of the design you wish for and in just a few days they’ll be on your feet.

I would like to send my grandchildren a pair of CORFOOT as a surprise but they live abroad. How can I send them? What if they’re the wrong size?

We can send CORFOOT anywhere in the world. Wrapped up in their box your grandchildren will find a personalized message from you that you’ve sent us beforehand. Inside the box there’s also a RETURN-EXCHANGE FORM and additional information relaying the love and care with which you chose their CORFOOT. All you have to do is tell us their age, if it’s a boy or a girl and the design of your choice.